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Product ranges we stock include AK Interactive, Cardinal Games, Castorland Jigsaws, Creative Educational Toys,
Dimensions Embroidery, Easymodel, EK Success Tools, Eurographcs, D-Toys, Eduard, Gluelines, Heller,
Heye Puzzles, Hobbyboss, Martha Stewart Crafts, Masterbox, Meng Models, Mig Productions, Miniart,
Playbox, Popar 4D Puzzles, Revell, Shesto Tools, Trumpeter & Vallejo Acrylics
Suppliers to the UK model and hobbies, toys and games, art and craft trades.
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Newsletter 20th Jan

News / Updates

We have just received a restock of most Vallejo items and we are expected all other items to be back in stock within the next two weeks. Our apologies for the low stocks recently with regards to Vallejo but due to the popularity of this range their factory is now at capacity which is delaying orders. We are increasing our stock holding to try and resolve this issue.

We have also had a restock of Heller arrive. We know there is a very big increase in prices happening with Heller next month so would recommend restocking now at the existing lower prices.

Our current container from Hobbyboss missed the cut off for Chinese New Year which means it will now be delayed until the end of February. There are a number of exciting new releases due on this shipment and a restock of the M1070 tank transporter will also be arriving.

Deliveries arriving next week include a full Airfix / Humbrol restock and restocks from Dragon, Italeri, Tamiya and Zvesda.

The AK Interactive FAQ Book 2 is still selling extremely well but we expect to have enough stocks to last the next two to three weeks.

Due to new ranges arriving we again need to clear space within our warehouse. Most of these lines have already been available on a specials list for some time so we are now starting to sell clearance lines / slow moving lines on Ebay. We do not want to cross over with your sales so we are setting a criteria for slow moving lines. We will only list items that we have had no sales on for at least the last six months  and no new releases / popular lines will be sold directly.

The Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany will once again be running during the first week of February. Stuart will be attending from 31st Jan until the 4th Feb so if you would like to make an appointment to meet some of our suppliers (or just have a coffee) please contact us as soon as possible.

Most companies are now beginning to issue their 2012 pricelists. We will update prices as soon as they become available and downloading lists will also be available on our trade website.

 New Arrivals Due - Week Commencing 23rd January.


Miniart and Masterbox

Image Part No. Description. SRP
Miniart 1:16 - Samurai
Miniart 1:35 - GAZ-AAA Cargo Truck
Miniart 1:35 - GAZ-MM   Mod.1941  1.5t Cargo Truck
Miniart 1:35 - Diorama with Ruins
Miniart 1:35 - Cobblestone Pavement
Masterbox 1:35 - German Infantry, Western Europe 1944-1945
Masterbox 1:35 - US Marines in Jungle, WWII era
Masterbox 1:35 - Cold Wind



  Part No.  Description  SRP 
   EDK8232  Eduard Profipack 1:48 - MiG-21BIS  £34.99
   EDK1164  Eduard LTD EDT 1:48 - Bf 110C/E in MTO  £36.99
   EDK7414  Eduard Weekend 1:72 - F6F-3 Hellcat  £9.99
   EDB648042  Eduard Brassin 1:48 - MiG-29 Seat Early (Academy)  £11.50
   EDB648043  Eduard Brassin 1:48 - R-27R/R1 / AA-10 Alamo-A  £7.99
   EDB648044  Eduard Brassin 1:48 - MiG-29 Exhaust Nozzles (ACA/EDU)  £7.99
   EDP17030  Eduard Photoetch 1:700 - Prince Eugen 1945 (Trumpeter)  £23.99
   EDP32278  Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Su-25 Frogfoot Exterior (Trumpeter)  £17.99
   EDP32292  Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Spitfire Mk. XVIe Landing Flaps (Tamiya)  £14.50
   EDP32295  Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Harrier GR.Mk.7 Exterior (Trumpeter)  £16.50
   EDP32711  Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Spitfire Mk.XVIe Interior S.A. (Tamiya)  £16.50
   EDP32716  Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Harrier GR.Mk.7 Seatbelts (Trumpeter)  £8.50
   EDP32717  Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Harrier GR.Mk.7 Interior S.A. (Trumpeter)  £20.99
   EDP32719  Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - A-E Interior S.A. (Trumpeter)  £17.99
   EDP32722  Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - Spitfire Mk.XVIe Seatbelts (Tamiya)  £9.99
   EDP32724  Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - A-4E Escapac IA-1 Seatbelts (Trumpeter)  £12.50
   EDP32730  Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - A-4E Exterior (Trumpeter)  £17.99
   EDP36171  Eduard Photoetch 1:35 - RSO Pak 40/4 75mm (Dragon)  £16.99
   EDP36189  Eduard Photoetch 1:35 - Sd.Kfz.223 LPF (Hobbyboss)  £17.99
   EDP36192  Eduard Photoetch 1:35 - Pz.Kpfw.38 (t) Ausf.E/F (Trumpeter)  £16.50
   EDP36197  Eduard Photoetch 1:35 - Fauna - water animals / fish - colour  £14.50
   EDP36198  Eduard Photoetch 1:35 - Fauna - small animals - colour  £14.50
   EDP48682  Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Ju 88G-6 Exterior (Dragon)  £14.50
   EDP49515  Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Static Discharge Wicks  £8.50
   EDP49545  Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Ju 88G-6 Interior S.A. (Dragon)  £19.99
   EDP49573  Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Sea Vixen FAW.2 S.A. (Airfix)  £16.50
   EDP49578  Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Fw 189A-1 Interior S.A. (Great Wall Hobby)  £18.99
   EDP49579  Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - A-4N S.A.  £13.50
   EDP49589  Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - Sea Vixen FAW.2 Seatbelts (Airfix)  £11.50
   EDP72525  Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - F6F Exterior (Cyber Hobby)  £14.50
   EDP73400  Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Spitfire Mk.I/Mk.IIa S.A. (Airfix)  £14.50
   EDP73401  Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Meteor F.1 S.A. (Dragon / Cyber Hobby)  £15.50
   EDP73404  Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - F6F-5 Interior S.A. Weekend (Dragon / Cyber Hobby)  £14.50
   EDP99034  Eduard Photoetch 1:350 - Railings 3 Bar with mesh  £14.99
   EDP99043  Eduard Photoetch 1:700 - IJN Cable Reel  £9.50
   EDP33093  Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:32 - Spitfire Mk.XVie Interior S.A. (Tamiya)  £12.50
   EDP33095  Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:32 - A-4E Interior S.A. (Trumpeter)  £12.50
   EDP33096  Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:32 - Harrier GR.Mk.7 Interior S.A. (Trumpeter)  £12.50
   EDPFE545  Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:48 - Ju 88G-6 Interior S.A. (Dragon)  £11.50
   EDPFE573  Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:48 - Sea Vixen FAW.2 Interior S.A. (Airfix)  £11.50
   EDPFE578  Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:48 - Fw 189A-1 Interior S.A. (Great Wall Hobby)  £11.50
   EDPFE579  Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:48 - A-4N S.A. (Hasegawa)  £11.50
   EDPSS400  Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:72 - Spitfire Mk.I/Mk.iia S.A. (Airfix)  £8.50
   EDPSS401  Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:72 - Meteor F.1 S.A. (Dragon / Cyber Hobby)  £8.50
   EDPSS413  Eduard Photoetch (Zoom) 1:72 - F6F-5 Interior S.A. (Eduard)  £5.75
   EDMEX344  Eduard Masks 1:48 - C-2   (Kinetic)  £7.75
   EDMJX137  Eduard Masks 1:32 - J2M3 Raiden (Hasegawa)  £8.50
   EDMXT178  Eduard Masks 1:35 - Pz.Kpfw.38(t) Ausf.E/F Wheels (Trumpeter)  £5.75
   EDBIG3306  Eduard Big Ed Sets 1:32 - F-16I SUFA   (Academy)  £68.99
   EDBIG3307  Eduard Big Ed Sets 1:32 - Bf 109E-4   (Dragon/Cyber Hobby)  £27.99
   EDBIG4960  Eduard Big Ed Sets 1:48 - MiG-21MF   (Eduard)  £44.99
   EDBIG4961  Eduard Big Ed Sets 1:48 - F-4N (Hasegawa)  £31.99



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Heller 1:400 - Charles de Gaulle
Heller 1:400 - Charles de Gaulle
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