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your so good

hi just wanted to say creative models has the best,fastest,most friendly service i have ever seen i ...

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Newsletter 25th May 2012





New Ranges

We are finalising orders for a number of new ranges and stocks should start arriving next week. The first range due in is Flames of War from Battlefield Miniatures and details should be available on the website next week.

We are hoping to have Hasegawa, Moebius, Perry Miniatures, Victrix and Warlord Games following shortly after.


Discontinued Ranges

To make room for these ranges we have taken the decision to stop stocking Dragon, Italeri and Tamiya models. We have carried this ranges for the last 9 years and although it has been a difficult decision to drop these products we have noticed a sharp decline in sales over the last few years and feel that our warehouse space would be better used on new and upcoming ranges.

We will be clearing all Dragon, Italeri and Tamiya products over the next few weeks to make additional shelf space. Please see our website for details.


Deliveries Next Week

We have a new shipment of Hobbyboss / Easymodel due in next tuesday which includes a number of new releases.

Another shipment of Vallejo Acrylics is also due and we are trying our best to keep all colours in stock. Demand for Vallejo has soared over the last six months and Vallejo have been struggling to match current demands. We are continually increasing our orders and are now hopefully starting to win the battle!


This weeks new arrivals

We have had a number of ranges restocked over the last two weeks including Academy, Miniart, Airfix, Eduard, Revell and Trumpeter.

Below is a list of new releases which are now in stock and available to order.



Picture Code Description Cost
TRU02268 Trumpeter 1:32 - Douglas A-4M Skyhawk  £79.99
TRU03214 Trumpeter 1:32 - Junkers Ju-87B-2 Stuka £49.99
TRU02850 Trumpeter 1:48 - Supermarine Spiteful F.XIV £19.99
TRU01599 Trumpeter 1:35 - JGSDF Type 87 AW £29.99
TRU01554 Trumpeter 1:35 - Russian T-62 BDD Mod.1984 (Mod.1972 modification) £34.99
TRU01530 Trumpeter 1:35 - BMP-3 IFV £29.99
TRU01505 Trumpeter 1:35 - Canadian Grizzly 6x6 APC (Improved Version)  £24.99
AIR55106 Airfix Gift Set 1:72 - Messerschmitt Bf109E £7.99
ACA13230 Academy 1:35 - Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer  £19.99
ACA12242 Academy 1:48 - Rokaf T-50B "Black Eagles"  £32.99
ACA12436 Academy 1:72 - B-17G "15th Air Force"  £18.99
AK00123 AK Interactive - OIF & OEF - US Vehicle Streaking Effects  £4.99
AK00122 AK Interactive - OIF & OEF - US Vehicles Base Colour  £2.99
MIN35107 Miniart 1:35 - German Staff Car 170V Cabrio £26.99
MIN35081 Miniart 1:35 - Soviet Artillery Crew on Maneuvere £16.99
EDB648062 Eduard Brassin 1:48 AIM-7E Sparrow £6.99
EDB648063 Eduard Brassin 1:48 MG 17 German WWII guns £5.50
EDB648064 Eduard Brassin 1:48 MiG-21 late airbrakes (Eduard) £5.50
EDB672001 Eduard Brassin 1:72 - R-2800-10 Engine (Eduard) £10.99
EDK1171 Eduard LTD EDT 1:48 - MiG-21 MF/BIS in the Indian service Limited Edition £39.99
EDK7079 Eduard Profipack 1:72 - F6F-3/5N Nightfighter £14.50
EDK7417 Eduard Weekend 1:72 - Ni 23 £8.75
EDK8469 Eduard Weekend 1:48 - l-16 type 10 £11.50
EDMXT181 Eduard Masks 1:35 - M-ATV windows (Kinetic) £6.99
EDMXT183 Eduard Masks 1:35 - Sd.Kfz. 10/5 Armoured cab (Dragon) £5.50
EDMXT184 Eduard Masks 1:35 - Pz.Kpfw ll Bison ll 150mm s.IG33 (Dragon) £5.50
EDMXT185 Eduard Masks 1:35 - M 1070 Truck Tractor (HobbyBoss) £8.25
EDP32294 Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - F-84E exterior (Hobby Boss) £17.99
EDP32728 Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - F-84E interior S.A. (Hobby Boss) £16.99
EDP32740 Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - ll-2m3 interior S.A. (Hobby Boss) £18.99
EDP32741 Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - F-84 seatbelts (Hobby Boss) £12.50
EDP33109 Eduard Photoetch 1:32 - ll-2m3 interior S.A(HobbyBoss) £13.99
EDP36195 Eduard Photoetch 1:35 - sWS with 20mm Flakvierlin (Great Wall Hobby) £17.99
EDP36207 Eduard Photoetch 1:35 - Leaves Palm Howea Belmoreana Colour £18.99
EDP48728 Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - A-6E exterior (Kinetic) £17.99
EDP48731 Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - A-6 undercarriage (Kinetic) £14.99
EDP49581 Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - C-2 cargo Seatbelts (Kinetic) £13.99
EDP49582 Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - F3H-2 S.A. (HobbyBoss) £16.99
EDP49584 Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - C2 interior S.A. (Kinetic) £10.99
EDP49592 Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - A-6E interior S.A. (Kinetic) £17.99
EDP53071 Eduard Photoetch 1:350 - l-58 1/350 (Pit road) £17.99
EDP72530 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Seahawk FGA.6 landing flaps (HobbyBoss) £10.99
EDP72533 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Halifax B Mk.I/Mk.II exterior (Revell) £18.99
EDP72534 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Halifax B Mk.I/Mk.II main bomb bay (Revell) £17.99
EDP72535 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Mi-35 exterior (Zvezda) £10.99
EDP72536 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Halifax Mk.I/Mk.II wing bomb bay (Revell) £17.99
EDP73408 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Mi-35 interior S.A. (Zvezda) £16.99
EDP73411 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Yak-3 (Zvezda) £8.25
EDP73419 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - USN Carrier deck 1944-45 lift area £16.99
EDP73423 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Akagi Carrier deck lift area £16.99
EDP73429 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Halifax B Mk.I/Mk.II interior S.A. (Revell) £16.99
EDP73438 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Leaves Fern / Kaprad Colour £13.99
EDP73439 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Sunflowers / sluncnice colour £13.99
EDP99045 Eduard Photoetch 1:700 - USN anchors £9.50
EDP99056 Eduard Photoetch 1:350 - German ship AA guns WWII £12.50
EDPFE582 Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - F3H-2 S.A. (HobbyBoss) £8.25
EDPFE584 Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - C-2 interior S.A. (Kinetic) £10.99
EDPFE592 Eduard Photoetch 1:48 - A-6E interior S.A. (Kinetic) £13.99
EDPSS408 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - Mi-35 interior S.A. (Zvezda) £10.99
EDPSS429 Eduard Photoetch 1:72 - halifax Mk.I/Mk.II interior S.A. (Revell) £10.99



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